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About TekNanny

TekNanny is committed to providing an outstanding service at a reasonable price.

Professional web services for small businesses do not have to be second rate because budgets are relatively small. TekNanny provides professional services using qualified and proven technicians, programmers, analysts and engineers at sensible costs.

The inspiration for TekNanny stems from the growing need for small and mid size organizations to take advantage of web technology to nurture and grow their business.  We take care of technology so that you can focus on your business.  We are not geeks or nerds but business people who want to see your business succeed on the world wide web.

Jane McKlveen, the founder and owner of TekNanny, holds a BS Degree in Information Technology, and has a background in I.T. going back 17 years.  Jane has extensive management experience providing I.T. services to companies in the areas of education, manufacturing, the medical field and more. Jane also has experience teaching computer science and providing basic and advanced computer training for adults.

"I am passionate about helping small business achieve a sensible web presence - A well designed website should not cost a fortune.  " - Jane McKlveen.